Things You Can Do On A Mobile Phone

Many years ago the only means of phone communications were the landline phones people had in their homes. Today we are in the age of a whole new set of communication tools and devices. A mobile phone can be used for a multitude of different things. Mobile phones can be used for everything to productivity to games to just basic phone calls. Most people have given up their land-line phone line and have gone to using just mobile phones. Over the years the mobile phone device has changed from being just a phone to being something much more. People say if they lost their mobile phones they would be completely lost as they have their full schedules in there along with birthdays, emails, important pictures and much more. It’s not just about free ringtones anymore. Here is just a few of the many things that can be done with today’s mobile phones.


Who doesn’t love games. Families used to spend time playing board games. Today most people like to sit in front of their TV’s and play video games with different gaming consoles. Another way to enjoy a game is to play a mobile game. This is a video game that you can play on a mobile phone. The first game that came pre installed on a mobile device was back in 1997. Some devices come with the game already installed. Some of the games Some games can be bought and downloaded onto the phone to play. The games can be downloaded using a USB cord hook-up to a computer. Another way to download the games is to go onto the devices browser and download the game from the wireless carriers media store. The game may be downloaded from there automatically or can be sent to the phone through an SMS text message. The message will come with the instructions for how to download the game of choice.

Reading The Newspaper

For the person who loves to read their daily newspaper but is always on the go this will come in handy. Most popular newspapers have an RSS feed that can be subscribed to. By doing this the newspaper can be read at anytime. The best thing about the newspaper feed subscription is that most papers are free.

Digital Camera

Pictures are timeless. They are the memories of our lives. Phones today come with high quality cameras. It’s easy to pick what you want a picture of and then click and you have the picture. Over the years the quality of pictures that are taken with a mobile phone have highly increased. Today’s cameras can have the features of a camera with up to 8.1 mp. Along with that comes high quality photo choices. The pictures can be printed straight from the phone or can be uploaded to a computer for posting on different social networks or to email and share with family and friends.


People are on the move today and find it so much easier to just enter appointments along with important events or special days directly into their phone. With the calendar function one can enter a birth date, anniversary, or holiday into the day on the calendar. Another helpful function with the calendar is to enter tasks that need to be accomplished on specific dates. Special events such as parties, weddings, baby showers, vacations can also be set. The most advantageous thing about the calendar is that all of the entries can be set with an alarm to go off with a reminder pop up. People count on their phones to help keep them organized so having the ease of a calendar on a device is beneficial.


Many different devices come with video capabilities today. Sometimes something happens that you will definitely want to remember. Something funny that you can quickly video and remember. Some devices can record shorter videos, others will allow videos of up to one hour. This is because newer phones are equipped with higher capabilities.

SMS Messaging

Sometimes there isn’t time to talk on the phone or it might not be convenient to talk. Therefore using SMS text messaging is quick and convenient. This is quick data notes that can typed in and sent directly to the recipient. Today more people send messages to get their point across then ever before. This particular type of communication is very popular with teenagers and young adults.


Being able to connect to the internet with a mobile device makes it very functional. Connecting to the internet with a mobile phone or tethering is very easy. Connect either with a device that is Bluetooth enabled or with a USB cord and the phone carriers software.


Almost all devices come equipped with an alarm or multiple alarms today. An alarm is another great organization helper. People are always on the move and lead very busy lives. People usually carry their phones with them everywhere so the alarm is always available to them. For example, when staying in a hotel or at a friends home there will be no need to depend on anyone or to worry about looking for an alarm clock.


What is a more popular tool today then a simple GPS device. Mobile phones can be used to track the location the same as a GPS unit. No need to buy a separate GPS device for a vehicle when most phones can be used for the same purpose. The devices have software already installed on them or ready to be downloaded from the wireless phone carrier. With the software, an address can be entered and the device will give the directions for how to get to the correct destination.


With today’s latest devices, it is very easy to relax anywhere and catch up on the latest television shows. Most GPRS based devices will stream TV shows with good quality. Some mobile carriers will allow actual TV channel viewing. However, keep in mind some carriers might charge an extra cost for the TV viewing.

Reading Documents

Many devices today help even more with productivity with the capability to view important documents. Some devices come with the capability to view documents in pdf format or word document format. The reason for this is most mobile devices today support multiple file formats. This is fantastic for a business person that needs to check important documents at a moment’s notice. Therefore again, helping to keep life organized and simplified.

DVR or TIVO remote programming.

TV shows are very important to people. Some wireless carriers now have applications that will allow the remote programming of a DVR box or TiVo set top box. The application allows the consumer to look through the shows and select the show they wish to record. Then they can set it up right from the mobile phone to record at home. It is very easy and quick and helps to make sure the tv viewer doesn’t miss that favourite show.

Radio or Music

Listening to music with a mobile device is easier than ever. Using a device, music can be downloaded directly on to the phone to listen to. There are also applications that will allow the listener to listen to digital radio stations. Another way to listen to great music is to download a music application and then set up your own preferred music choices. Some of these will have an extra charge from the wireless carrier.

These are just some of the many things that can be done with a mobile phone.